Veterinary Nadezhda BauzhesNadezhda_ja_kissa

I am a graduate veterinarian from the University of Moscow in 2002, moved to Finland in 2015 and passed the vet is becoming legal in Finland (Helsinki University, graduated in 2019).

I have been working in Moscow for almost 12 years as a veterinarian in small animal clinic and the hospital side, in general veterinary practice and animal rehabilitation doctor in hospital patients (surgery patients and seriously ill patients).

Interesting and knowledgeable in cat's and dog's reprodaction. For example, infertility, determination of optimal mating time, and experience with small animal birth support.

I have been breeding and showed dogs in shows all over Europe and Russia for about 25 years. At home we currently live with a few Griffons, Bichon Frisés and two cats (Maine Coon and Thai cat). I breed a kennel under the name Iz Mitkov Ekateriny.

I speak Finnish, Russian and English.

Я также говорю на финском и русском.