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PetBaja online store sells and delivers pet products to Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania!


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Dog accessories for PetBaja's range of high quality products! Our range includes dog accessories for home delivery, exhibitions, trimming, outdoor activities, traveling and various other activities.

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  • Easy Cut
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  • Trixie
  • Ferplast
  • #1 All Systems
  • Tikima
  • Mars
  • Yento
  • BARFeed
  • DoggyMan
  • Show Tech+
  • Artero
  • Show Tech
  • TropiClean
  • OxyMed
  • Tassarnas
  • Anju Beauté
  • Kong
  • Hurricane Dryers
  • Jacson
  • Dogman
  • Andis
  • Kennel Equip Care
  • Fraser Essentials


Our top picks

Special One Bain Pro

Product no.: WEX-BA250

from 21.50

Yento Prime Series 20,20cm - 8" Straight Scissor

Product no.: 22YEN041


EZ-Groom Crystal White Enzyme Shampoo 1Gal (Koko: Gallona (3,79 L))

PetBaja - Myymälä & Eläinlääkäri

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Products for grooming and care

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Chris Christensen Spectrum One Shampoo

Product no.: 41CCS011

from 5.95

Show Tech Experto Cordless Clipper 5 Speeds

Product no.: 21STE055


HURRICANE FASHION Pink Professional Pet Dryer

Product no.: 14STL-1902


iGroom Magic Boost Scissoring Pet Spray 236ml

Product no.: GIGMBT123


Easy Cut Black 8" Straight Scissors

Product no.: GES-SB8


iGroom Extreme Volume Conditioner

Product no.: GIGCEV1047

from 89.90

iGroom Banana Shampoo

Product no.: 41IGR023

from 23.90

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High quality SO POSH Professional products

SO POSH - Up-to-date science, extraordinary effectiveness and surprising results. Made in EU.

I'm So Silky - Silk Protein Shampoo

Product no.: SO-SS1025

from 15.90

I'm So Puffy - Volume Show Conditioner

Product no.: SO-PV203

from 14.90

I'm So Fantastic - Deep Cleaning & Moisturizing Shampoo

Product no.: SO-FD1025

from 15.90

I'm So Puffy - Volume Show Shampoo

Product no.: SO-PV1025

from 15.90

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